Johan Sarens

Johan Sarens (°Antwerp, 1983) - musician & guitar maker

Johan grew up in a world filled with music, visualisation, creating, building and constructing.  He combined studying jazz guitar at the royal conservatory of Brussels with guitar construction at  CMB (Centre for musical instrument making). Being both guitar player and builder gives him the advantage of an intimate knowledge of the instrument. 

He has built several guitars, including steelstrings, solid-bodies (strange curves) and quirky experiments (see facebook for pictures & info). Nowadays Johan specializes in Classical and Flamenco-guitars, using the technique of the Spanish masters. Everything that will define the sound of the guitar is done by hand and the use of machines is limited. Hot hide glue is used for the connections and all the guitars are finished with French polish. 

Through the CMB Johan was invited to participate in the Leonardo Project that researches the use of non-tropical wood in guitar construction. 

He recived the "Gouden Bootschaaf 2017" - golden fingerplane 2017. This prize acclaimes instrument builders for exceptional craftsmanship and for their honoring and spreading the knowledge of the instrument building craft.